What is Luxe Derby Weekend?

Luxe Derby Weekend, where urban professionals gather for an unforgettable experience. This annual charity event happens in the beautiful and sunny South Florida which provides a unique, warm and picturesque natural backdrop each winter for a remarkable event experience that blends elegance, excitement, and philanthropy.


Immerse yourself in vibrant energy as like-minded individuals connect while sipping premium cocktails, enjoying melodic R&B and Hip Hop beats, and celebrating for a noble cause. Every moment is meticulously crafted for an unparalleled experience.


Party the night away before you Indulge in the exciting derby then close out your weekend with our decadent yacht party and brunch. 


Luxe Derby Weekend goes beyond festivities by supporting charitable causes and creating a direct impact on the lives of those in the local community. 


Join us where luxury, entertainment, and philanthropy intertwine.


The faces behind the brand

  • Jade Lawson

  • Shavon Brown

  • Angelina Stewart

  • Cheryl Etheredge

  • Michaela Thompson

  • Sukeenah T Kellv

  • Lacey Nicole